You want to please an loved one? Give him the choice with one of the Xcm-Store eGift Cards.

You are looking for a gift idea? But you hesitate... Offer a eGift Card! You are sure to please every time, without wrong! It is suitable for all, and can be offered at any occasion : birthday, christmas, mother's/father's day, valentine's day...

The Xcm-Store eGift Card is :

  •      Usable upon receipt by e-mail.
  •      Valid on entire website.
  •      Available in various prices from 15 € to 250 €.
  •      Can be used once or several times.
  •      Valid for 2 years.

How does the eGift Card Xcm-Store?

  • Order your eGift Card Xcm-Store.
  • Once the purchase approved, you will received an email containing your eGift Card Xcm-Store and the unique code that will suffice the recipient to return to his shopping cart when ordering.
  • Print your e-mail Xcm-Store eGift Card and give it directly to your loved ones.

Terms of egift cards xcm-store. The xcm-store egift cards is not rechargeable. It is valid on the entire website It is not transferable and is valid 24 months from date of purchase. It can be credited with 8 different amounts (€15/€30/€45/€75/€100/€150/€200/€250) and can be used one or more times within the limits of available balance. Several cards can't only be used for the same purchase. The balance can be accessed on request via e-mail ( The available balance can't be exchanged against cash or give rise to the charging of interest. It can't be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed and it will be no opposition to its use. In case of exceeding the validity date will not give rise to any replacement or refund.