Legends Egyptian Deck N°202 "Edition Rouge"



Jeu de cartes produit par Legends Playing Card Company.
Design de Mark D. Stutzman.

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Composition :Jeu de 52 cartes + 2 jokers + 2 cartes bonus
Format :Poker
Couleur :Rouge
Production :Legends Playing Card Company
Design :Mark D. Stutzman
Scellé :Customisé
Tirage :3202 exemplaires
Box :En relief
Encre :Métallique
Cellophane :Oui
Imprimé par :The Legends Playing Card Company "LPCC"

En savoir plus

Legends #202 Egyptian Edition; featuring 3D embossing and a custom die-cut tuck box.

2500 BC, the invention of ink and the first recorded magic trick, a perfect fit for a custom deck of playing cards. We started simple with Legends #852, focusing on creating the highest quality card stock and coating. Building on that foundation, for Legends #202 Egyptian Edition we set our sights on the best packaging design ever seen on a deck of cards. A custom die cut tuck box, lustrous mirror-like interior foil, and for the first time ever on a tuck case, stunning 3D foiling and embossing on our hallmark. These features, coupled with ultra precise two tone printing, which emphasises the Egyptian theme and showcases Mark Stutzman's brilliant illustration, make this deck fit for a pharaoh.

Legends #202 transports you back to Egypt in the time of the first recorded magic trick. In 2500 BC, a commoner's performance for the pharaoh included decapitating and resurrecting a live goose. With a papyrus tuck case accented by high-gloss, raised 3D foil and embossing accents, the #202s would be right at home in Tutankhamun’s royal chambers.

The Egyptian #202’s come in three iwen, or colors. Gold and black for the sun and land, silver and blue for the moon and heavens, and red on white for the double crown encompassing upper and lower Egypt. There are only 3,202 decks printed per color of Legends #202 Egyptian Edition, and even less will be sold. CARC has the biggest supply of around 1,000 decks per color, we have the bulk of the remaining decks.

Debuting with this deck are other features to be revealed in coming months. As usual, these decks are full of hidden treasure to discover! Sign up to our mailing list for more information and to stay in touch with our latest projects!


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Legends Egyptian Deck N°202 "Edition Rouge"

Legends Egyptian Deck N°202 "Edition Rouge"

Jeu de cartes produit par Legends Playing Card Company.
Design de Mark D. Stutzman.

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